Representation in the global market

About Us

At Glocal Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we have a deep understanding of the local business cultures in all markets we cover. We know that in many countries business relations are based on trust, tradition and the ability to establish common grounds between the parties involved. We understand the value of personal connections and business relationships developed over years.

For these reasons, we employ local sales representatives, professionals with deep roots in the local business communities who developed outstanding business relations with all local decision factors including retail buyers, distribution partners and local officials and regulators.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to provide Indian manufacturers with the best export solutions and sell the highest quality “Make in India” brands in all major markets around the world.

We operate in 52 countries and territories in America, Europe, Australia and Asia & Pacific, and partner with distributors and retail chains across all major channels.

We focus on long term strategies and help you establish longterm relationships with reliable trading partners in all major international markets. We provide ongoing sales and operational support and help you navigate the complex processes associated with exporting and dealing with international buyers and foreign regulatory bodies.

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